Do you go hunting?
Си бэюктэденни? Си бултадяӈнанни?

Si beyuktedienni? Si bultadiaŋnanni?

No I don't, but my brother is a hunter.
Эчэ, акинми бэюмэн. Эчэ, акинми бэюктэвки.

Eche, akinmi beyumen. Eche, akinmi beyuktewki.

What does your brother hunt?
Акинни экунма бэюктэвки?

Akinni ekunma beyuktewki?

My brother hunts elks and sables.
Акинми токива, некэвэ бэюктэвки.

Akinmi tokiwa, niekewe beyuktewki.

Are there many sables this winter?
Кэтэ-гу некэ тугэ бичэ?

Kete-gu nieke tuge biche?

No, there is few sables this winter.
Эчэ, тугэниксэ ахакан некэ бичэ.

Eche, tugenikse ahakan nieke biche.

When did this squirrel pass?
Эр улуки окин ӈэнэчэ?

Er uluki okin ŋeneche?

This is yesterday's footprint.
Урипты удян. Тыманин удян.

Uripti udian. Timanin udian.

How far is capercailyes' mating-place?
Горо-гу хороки хорогон?

Goro-gu horoki horogon?

It's near here, in the glade at the foot of the mountain.
Эчэ, дагакан – урэкэчэн хэрэдун, кэвэрду.

Eche, dagakan — urekechen heredun, kewerdu.

Does your dog hunt elks well?
Ӈинакиннни токиду ая?

Ŋinakinni tokidu aya?

Yes, it hunts elks very well.
Э, сома ая токиду.

E, soma aya tokidu.

My dog hunts sable well.
Би ӈинав некэду ая.

Bi ŋinaw niekedu aya.

Where are reindeers now?
Иду эткэн бэюр? Иду эткэн мэӈэтул?

Idu etken beyur? Idu etken meŋetul?

Reindeers are moving to hills.
Мэӈэтул яӈилдула ӈэнэрэ. Бэюр яӈилдула ӈэнэрэ.

Meŋetul yaŋildula ŋenere. Beyur yaŋildula ŋenere.

When do you hunt reindeers?
Бэюрду окин бултаӈнарас?

Beyurdu okin bultaŋnaras?

We hunt reindeers at the end of winter.
Бэюрвэ тугэ илтэнэдун бултаӈнарав.

Beyurwe tuge iltenedun bultaŋnaraw.


Anna Myreeva

Galina Varlamova

Alexander Varlamov

Voiced by Galina Varlamova


Translated from Russian by Rustam Yusupov

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Authors have made this phrasebook close to real language spoken by Evenks living in Yakutia (on the north-east of Russia). Some words can be written not as prescribed by the rules of literary Evenk language. Some words can be written different in different cases. However all phrases of the phrasebook are well-understood by all Evenks living in Russia.